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2012-06-24 19.19.55 | ajánlat | Kutya
Kennel Borana awarded as one of the best in 2011, accepts reservations for puppies Rhodesian Ridgeback. Puppies was born June,11 and ready to go August,6. Both parents have made the results of X-ray HD, ED 0/0 (best possible result!), both are totally relaxed and balanced character! Father of this ... litter Jch.,Ch., Junior BIS Écaille Anunnaki is one of the best and most successful current dogs at shows and was selected for our breeding to our kennel left healthy and beautiful puppies typical for this breed. The mother passes on to her puppies beautiful long ridge and a very nice head. Their pedigrees are represented at shows successful individuals from A, SWE,USA.. We expect friendly puppies,nice and balanced personalities, suitable not only for families as well as children, but also on future shows and breeding. All day care, inspection by an accredited consultant, veterinary, breeding services of course! If you are interested, please contact us! We give you more information! www.borana.cz

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Hirdetés száma:635169

WWW hivatkozás:http://www.borana

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Vít Ehrenberger
+420 777239253

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